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              Research Achievements

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              Our College has been actively forging ahead to improve teachers’ scientific research ability through multi-channels and multi-measures, to cultivate scientific research projects, and to encourage teachers to participate at high-level academic exchanges both at home and abroad. Consequently, the research work level of our College has been greatly raised and scientific research achievements remain steadily on the rise.

              In recent years, our College has created a strong academic atmosphere and held more than 100 academic lectures on foreign languages. Renowned scholars, professors and experts both at home and abroad are invited to give top-level lectures, keeping us abreast of the frontiers of different industries and academic developments in a bid to broaden the academic horizons of teachers and students and help young teachers improve their research capabilities.

              The enthusiasm of the teachers on scientific research in our College runs high, and the quality of the papers published and projects obtained has been rising steadily. In the past five years, we have been granted more than 30 vertical projects at provincial or ministerial level, and the total amount of funds received from horizontal and vertical projects has reached more than 3 million yuan. The teachers in our College have so far published more than 100 SSCI, A & HCI, and CSSCI-indexed academic papers, as well as more than 150 monographs, edited books, translated books, and textbooks.

              Our College has sponsored and held more than ten important international academic conferences such as the International Symposium on the Application of Computer Technology in Translation and Foreign Language Teaching, the International Symposium on College Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies, and the Fifth Australian Culture Week and Advanced Seminar for Australian Literature, Henry James Symposium, Standards and Assessments--International Symposium on Language Testing in 2018, the Third International Biolinguistics Symposium, and 2019 Corpus Linguistics International Symposium: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. The academic conferences provide a platform for domestic and foreign scholars to exchange their ideas and share their academic experience and research results, which further promotes the construction of foreign language programs of our university and at the same time greatly enhances the reputation of the programs of our College.